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The road to recovery starts here.

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Boca Raton

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Why Vado Therapy?

Physical Therapy Sports Medicine in Delray Beach - Vado Therapy
  • Effective and productive treatments

  • Experts in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

  • Sound understanding of human movement

  • Designed, invented & patented devices specific to the upper extremities

  • Two convenient locations for physical therapy and massage services

How we are improving lives

I'm glad I chose Vado-not only were they great people, but it felt like one big family. After any surgery I would recommend anybody to go to Vado Therapy. Thanks for everything Dom."

- Thomas Mayo, NY Jets

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After visiting close to 10 doctors around the country, many of them in NYC, I can honestly say that Domenic cured my heel problem which I have had for close to two and a half years.

- Warren S.

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I am writing to thank you for the wonderful physical therapy you gave to my husband. Recovering from removal of a subdural hematoma. His muscle strength and balance were very poor. Having spent a month with you, he is greatly improved."

- Edgar and Bonnie G.

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Our physical therapy services

Physical Therapy at Vado Therapy can help work out stiffness without causing further joint damage. Let us help you get back to a pain free life

Although a golf swing involves nearly every muscle in the body, the core and lower body play pivotal roles in a golfer's conditioning.

A wide range of massage services, from Swedish Relaxation Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy to Therapeutic Sports Massage to aid in the recovery from injuries, aches, and pains.

At Vado Therapy, your therapist will teach you all about the ins and outs of your condition, encouraging you to follow a personalized plan of action best suited for your fitness recovery.

Physical Therapy at Vado Therapy can help athletes regain strength and mobility after a sports-related injury. Let us help you get back in the game!

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