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Meet Alicia Akbay

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine


Alicia Akbay 

Physical Therapist Orthopaedic and Neuro Specialist

Originally from Brooklyn, Alicia discovered her love of physical therapy after her freshman year at Stony Brook University. She volunteered at Coney Island Hospital and found she enjoyed helping people get back to their lives after an accident or injury through physical therapy. She fell in love with being able to help people activate their bodies to heal naturally. After graduation from Stony Brook, she enrolled in the physical therapy program at Hunter College. 


Alicia graduated from Hunter in 1988 and went directly into practice, beginning with in-patient rehab. She got a fuller view of treatment beyond the typical private practice patient, which enabled her to cultivate a wide range of skills. After a few years, she moved into private practice and home care. 


In 2008, Alicia moved to Florida and she resides in the Lake Worth area. She joined the Vado team in 2018 to run the Lake Worth Vado office located in The Fountains Country Club. Alicia is able to treat members and non-members alike. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 35 years in practice. 


An avid runner and fitness enthusiast, Alicia lives what she teaches to her patients. Her belief and practice in overall body condition, posture, balance, and strength enables her and her patients to live their best lives. Alicia loves family time and spending as much quality time with them as she can. 

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