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Meet Cindy Zimmerman

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine


Cindy Zimmerman

Orthopaedic Physical Therapist

Pelvic Floor Specialist

Cindy Zimmerman is a graduate of University of Florida and Florida International University, majoring in psychology and physical therapy. With 30+ years as an orthopaedic physical therapist, Cindy joins the Vado team with a specific focus in Pelvic Floor Rehab.


With a holistic approach to pelvic health physical therapy, for the past seven years, Cindy has focused on issues such as urinary and bowel incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual pain and dysfunction, pre-natal and post-natal care, pelvic prolapse, peri-menopausal and post-menopausal changes, Pudendal Neuralgia, trauma, and other associated orthopaedic conditions.


Using manual treatments such as myofascial release, visceral manipulation, trigger point release, joint mobilization, neuromodulation,and  muscle energy techniques, as well as biofeedback, hypopressive and core exercise progression; Cindy has helped countless people reach optimal health through her vast experience and continued pursuit of knowledge.


Cindy has been married for over 35 years, with three children. In her off time, her hobbies are the theatre, yoga, tennis, pilates, running, and hiking.

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