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Dominator SR3

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Dominator SR3 and The Road to Recovery

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Safely Exercise Post Operatively:

  • Patented myo release soft tissue release system

  • Significantly reduce pain

  • Safely increase strength

  • Accelerate return to activities of daily living


A safe home rehab device that saves and shifts the use of limited physical therapy visits to when hands-on, functional therapy is required.

Why do I Need the Dominator SR3?

Following surgery, a sling is often used to immobilize the joint and give the surgical site an opportunity to heal. Unfortunately, that combination of surgery and sling can come with the unpleasant side effects of stiffness, loss in range of motion, and pain. The Dominator SR3 is a way to safely exercise the shoulder during this critical time of healing, and as a result, minimize negative side effects. By providing a safe way to move the post-op shoulder, the Dominator SR3 reduces pain, increases strength, and accelerates return to function. Plus, a decrease in pain usually means less pain medication and improved sleep. 

How Does the Dominator SR3 Work?

By grounding your elbow on the shuttle of the device, the Dominator SR3 enables Closed – Kinetic Chain exercise. It allows for muscle activation, while controlling the motion so the surgical site is not compromised. With the Dominator SR3, you can safely perform isometrics, passive range of motion, and shoulder stabilization exercises. All of which can help accelerate return to function.


How Long Do I Need the Use of the Dominator SR3?

A typical treatment duration is three to six weeks, beginning one week post-op. During this time you do approximately 10 minutes of exercises, once or twice a day.


Will the Exercises Hurt?

Exercises on the Dominator SR3 are usually painless. In fact, many people find the exercises to reduce any pain they were feeling and opt to do them when they feel sore. 


How Much Will This Cost?

The Dominator SR3 Shoulder is covered by most insurance payors and does NOT count towards physical therapy sessions. Cost effective cash plans are also available. 

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Dominator SR3

Dominator SR3
Dominator SR3
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