Meet Jeffery L. Duplessis

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Jeffery L. Duplessis

Physical Therapist

Jeffery L. Duplessis was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, and participated in sports through high school including basketball and baseball. Untimely knee injuries forced him to seek a different career path outside of sports competition.  


He graduated from Florida International University in Miami, Florida in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy. Upon graduation, he began working at the SPORT clinic in Miami Florida working with athletes and sports related orthopedic injuries. He was introduced to Symmetry Restoration Manual Therapy Techniques by Dr. Bjorne Svendsen of Norway.  This intensive study uses the muscles of the body to restore function to the joints all over the body. The end result allows the body to return to normal function and heal at a faster rate. This line of study was progressed into the utilization of dynamic flexibility to assist with maintaining symmetry and promoting reduced risk of injury and quicker rehabilitation of injuries.  He is progressing his learning focus on the with Resisted Training Specialist Courses and Muscle Activation Techniques Certification.


Through his association with Stretch to Win, StretchZone and Miami Flexibility Trainers, has implemented this combination of treatments with some top athletes from the NFL, NBA and Davis Cup.  Including working with XPE in Boca Raton with combine athletes and at the NFL combine in Indianapolis, IN.


Jeffery is now with VADO Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.