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Meet Dr. Kristy Bolha

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine


Dr. Kristy Bolha

Physical Therapist

Kristy Bolha is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science awarded in 2008 and Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011.  She developed a passion for health, fitness and overall wellness at a young age as she experienced first hand the impact of lifestyle choices on prevention and reversing disease progression.  

Kristy believes a strong mind and body connection allows the body to build a strong foundation to promote overall health and facilitate healing.  Through her dedication to optimize her own health, she chose a career in the field of Physical Therapy in hopes to motivate and inspire others to obtain a higher quality of life and health in prevention of chronic disease and conditions related to the bodies natural process of ageing as well as autoimmune dysfunction.  

Through an approach to treatment that tackles a problem at its source and systematically managing the primary issue, as well as detecting secondary problems in order to alleviate pain; Kristy is able to restore movement patterns and optimize function and performance.  

Kristy is excited to bring her knowledge and clinical expertise to Vado Physical Therapy, coming together with a mutual passion and goal to alleviate pain and dysfunction, optimize movement and performance  and promote a strong sense of community.

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