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Laurie Levenstein

Yoga Instructor - Reiki Master

Laurie has been happily teaching Yoga full-time since 2009. Yoga delivered her balanced health and mobility after years of chronic neck pain. Laurie completed her first Yoga Certification for Ashtanga-based Vinyasa in 2011 and her Advanced Level Yoga Certification for Hatha Yoga in 2013. Seven years later, in 2020, she obtained her Reiki Master Certification.


Many recall Laurie as the beloved owner of Yoga Aura in East Boca, before it closed in 2020. Laurie was fortunate to master Fitness Studio Management at a young age. She even met her charismatic (late) husband while doing yoga. They got married, had a beautiful baby girl, and opened a yoga studio of their own, all within a year of each other. Not too long after this, her hard-working husband had a sudden heart attack and was gone from this Earth-plane. Laurie continued on her own as owner and operator of Yoga Aura for many years, and then closed the studio in due time. And she has always continued to teach group Yoga classes, conduct Private Yoga Instruction & Meditation, and administer Reiki.

Laurie is passionate about the healing tools of Yoga, Meditation and Reiki, which have produced transformational miracles. She is always full of smiles and consistently promoting that health and happiness are a birthright!


Vado Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is thrilled to have Laurie as a part of the team! She teaches classes private and group classes regularly, sign up today and join us!