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Meet Mario M. Indiviglio DOM, AP

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine


Mario M. Indiviglio DOM, AP

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Board Certified Acupuncture Physician

It all began in 1994. Dr. Mario was working as an EKG tech & phlebotomist at Boca Raton Community Hospital.  He was already a certified EMT, and in the midst of taking prerequisite classes for nursing. Then, an incident happened that changed the direction of his life.


At that time, he was learning an Okinawan style called Ryukyu Kempo, a type of jujitsu that uses pressure point attacks. One day he sprained my left knee during a sparring competition and my teacher began applying acupressure immediately. Even though Dr. Mario had been training with him and learning about application of pressure point attacks as a means of self-defense  for more than a year, the concept of using them to heal seemed foreign. The following day the knee pain was fifty percent better and completely gone two days later.


Dr. Mario picked up a book on acupressure a few weeks later and was enrolled in an acupuncture program by the fall.  He graduated class salutatorian from the Acupuncture Institute in 1996 and began practicing 1997.  Through Tai Chi and other related practices, he became balanced energetically, and effectively fought back stress, and the negative effects of ageing.


While he was training in acupuncture and oriental medicine, Dr. Mario was exposed to various subjects including CranioSacral Therapy.  In the summer of 2001 he took his first CranioSacral Therapy class and the techniques transformed his practice.  Soon Dr. Mario was integrating these techniques into acupuncture treatments with excellent results.  As my zeal for this modality intensified, he began taking more advanced classes and soon discovered an affinity for working with children, especially those with special needs. Dr. Mario has practiced acupuncture for over 25 years, combining acupuncture and CST for more than twenty years to treat a wide range of patients with a variety of issues.

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