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Patient Testimonials

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Boca Raton

To protect our patient's privacy, we have anonymized testimonials that have been submitted to us in writing, postcards, and emails. Tap or click the review to expand it.

"Dom and his team have been a huge help for me personally. Being a golfer, I dealt with severe lower back pain. At times I even wondered if I could ever play to my potential again. Dom was able to diagnose the problem and get me on the right track to solve it in just one visit. After seeing him for just a few sessions, I was able to play multiple days in a row with zero pain. I trust Dom and his staff with any concern like my own. This past month I qualified to play in a major, the PGA Championship. I played 6 consecutive days without any pain. Without Dom and Vado Therapy, I can easily say it wouldn't have been possible."



"Vado Therapy is THE place to go to. After knee surgery, I was projected to be out at least 10-12 weeks, but Domenic Pompile got me back in 3-4 weeks. Not just back, I was full speed, running, cutting explosively and on top of that, he kept me in shape, "football shape", like I was before my knee surgery. Domenic is not a regular therapists to say the least. He is a trainer as well and can keep up with anybody in the gym. He can outdo most people, which surprised me, the first time we worked out together. Vado Therapy is also a very nice facility with great therapists. They will push you as hard as you want to be pushed. Of course there were frustrating days, but Dominic and the rest of the therapist kept me motivated, never let me quit on a rep and kept my eyes on the prize. I knew it was kind of a long shot getting back in football ready shape in 3-4 weeks, but that's exactly what happened. I give all my credit to Vado Therapy and Domenic. I'm glad I chose Vado-not only were they great people, but it felt like one big family. After any surgery I would recommend anybody to go to Vado Therapy. Thanks for everything Dom."

-Thomas Mayo, NY Jets

"I am writing to thank you for the wonderful physical therapy you gave to my husband. Recovering from removal of a subdural hematoma., his muscle strength and glance were very poor. Having spent a month with you, he is greatly improved. He was given therapy (3 weeks) in the hospital in New Your City and had therapy here at home, but I want you to know that you are THE BEST therapist he has had. WE can't thank you enough and will be back to see you next winter."


- Edgar and Bonnie G.

"After visiting close to 10 doctors around the country, many of them in NYC, I can honestly say that Domenic cured my heel problem which I have had for close to two and a half years. While visiting those fancy doctors , they gave me no solution to the problem. Domenic immediately took charge in making my pain go away. Kudos, job well done! Thanks!"


- Warren S.

"I have been complaining about pain in my left knee for nearly a year. X-rays and MRI showed no apparent damage. The pain was not constant, but it would come and go and I just couldn't figure out the cause or a trigger until I met Dom at Vado Therapy. Within one consultation he was able to pinpoint the possible culprit; tight IT band! Following a stretching and exercise regiment he put together the pain is now virtually gone! I have been to Physical Therapists and Chiropractors before. What sets Dom apart is his methodical approach to looking for the root cause of the problem and correcting it.

If you are looking for a Physical Therapist who won't just put a band aid on your pain, then I strongly suggest to give Domenic and Vado Therapy a visit. You will not regret it."


- Rami Aboumahadi

"After begin treated by 6 different unsatisfactory physical therapists, I finally found Domenic and his amazing staff. This team is hands on, spending 15-20 minutes of warming up and loosening my entire shoulder before beginning stretching and strengthening. My shoulder is nearly back to 100% and I am back to playing tennis."


- Eddie K

"The bad news: After meeting with an orthopedic surgeon second opinion- regarding the degenerative status of my spinal column (stenosis/arthritis), he referred me, in lieu of surgery, to Domenic Pompile, Pt, CSCS, a licensed Physical Therapist. 

The good news: The best decision I ever made. After a two month course of rehabilitation which Domenic evaluated and supervised its implementation, I found myself benefiting profoundly from his treatment. he put me on a path, which through diligent compliance on my part, has provided me with a lifetime solution to a problem that otherwise would have alternatively limited my ability to live an active lifestyle. 

I must declare that having been seen by several professionals through the years as my spinal issues became increasingly debilitative, none offered me the care or insight that Domenic Pompile, and his incredibly competent staff provided. It is this testament which I strongly recommend and support to others."

- Peter A Hoffman

"I've had 20 years of sports-related shoulder problems.  I had 3 surgeries and multiple physical therapy sessions.  I was told  by 3 ortho surgeons that I had to just live with this pain, limited activity level, and definitely no tennis.  In 2015, I met with Domenic.  He was so positive and said "No problem, I will get you back in the game."  We first got rid of the pain, increased range of motion, increased strength and worked on athletic mechanics to allow me to play sports even with a compromised shoulder.  Recently, I came back to Domenic for a lower back issue.  Once again, he really came through.  He strengthened the weakened areas and then worked on the athletic mechanics.  Domenic offers a unique blend of excellent physical therapy skills along with the excellent skill set of a strength and conditioning coach.  I am extremely sports active, and Domenic has kept me in the game."

- Thomas S.

"11 weeks after a total knee replacement with complications, and after seeing four different physical therapists who left me still on crutches, I had the good fortune to be introduced to Domenic Pompile of Vado Physical Therapy in Delray Beach, Florida. Day one Domenic confidentially assured me that he could help me and that I would get better. He recognized that I was "behind the 8-ball" for recovery time, and his comprehensive, aggressive protocols for treating all the factors impacting my knee (foot, back, hip, muscles) have done wonders for my recovery. While other therapists concentrated on just the knee, Domenic educated me as to why my entire leg needed attention, from new orthotics and new sneakers, to how to open up my hip with the proper exercise. Domenic's whole-body approach to recovery has resulted in progress that I should have seen months earlier. After thinking I might never golf again, I am ready to start swinging a club. I would strongly encourage anyone who is facing surgery to see Domenic prior to surgery to properly prepare your body for the trauma to come, and if you are post-surgery, you will not find a more knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated physical therapist who takes your recovery personally."

- Susan E.

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