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Physician Testimonials

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Boca Raton

"Domenic has a passion for the physical therapy profession. He founded Vado therapy through which he provides services not only to the locally informed, but professional and Olympic athletes. Often catering to the latter. Domenic is a biomechanics expert who deeply understands the subtleties of human movement and the nuances of exercise. This is manifested in his detailed design of the SSS systems' multi-planar strength training and rehabilitative device. Incorporated into his routine treatment protocols these machines have allowed Domenic to better serve his clients, expediting their recovery and facilitation their return to normalcy. 

Technical prowess aside, Domenic is a caring individual with a sincere regard for the welfare of others. This he brings to his practice and to it, I greatly attired his success. Domenic is a friend and fellow colleague in whom I have great confidence. I entrust my most challenging patients to Domenic and without hesitation, would do similarly for my family members."

-Brett A. Osborn, D.O.

Diplomate, American Board of Neurological Surgery; Diplomat, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; CSCS, National Strength and Conditioning Association

"The SSS affords many advantages for both non-operative and post-operative treatment of all types of shoulder conditions. It provides a solid, low-resistance platform to facilitate the treatment of scapular dyskinesia which, if ignored, can hinder the progress of any shoulder rehabilitation. It allows standardized, reproducible protocols for both the clinic and the home settings. The glenerohumeral and scapulorthorac joints can be mobilized with minimal stress, on the rotator cuff tendons, allowing safe and effective early post-operative restoration of motion. Additionally, it can eliminate delays in therapy and potentially contain the high costs of outpatient-based physical therapy, particularly with the recent insurance company trend of reducing physical therapy benefits. In short, the SSS is an innovative, comprehensive tool that should be used by anyone treating shoulder injuries."

- Dr. Marc F. Matarrazzo

"As a cardiologist and "weekend warrior," I have entrusted my patients an myself to his (Domenic and Vado therapy) care. Domenic's knowledge is encyclopedic and he understands biomechanics to the utmost. I feel that anyone that interacts with him comes out ahead. I have been seeing Domenic intermittently for the last ten years and will continue to heartily refer friends and family and patients to him."


- Dr. Mishkel

"Domenic is an excellent physical therapist that not only demonstrates superior manual therapy skills, but is an expert in helping all of his patients exceed their goals with therapy. It was a pleasure working along side of him and gaining experience working with a wide variety of patients from high level athletes to geriatric weekend warriors! If you are an injured, but hard working person that is willing to put in time to doing things the right way to get better this is the place to be. Domenic and his team can help you get there!"


- Angela Mendoza, DPT

"As an orthopedic surgeon I highly recommend Domenic J. Pompile to my patients, and also entrust in him with my own family and friends as well. Domenic has a sound understanding of human movement and bio-mechanics which allows him to effectively treat his patients with outstanding outcomes.  Domenic is a passionate therapist that is truly focused on each and every patients well being which is exhibited in his warm and caring nature to his patients making them feel right at home during their rehabilitation process. I entrust in him with my patients and recommend him without any reservation."

- Stephen M. Swirsky, DO

Chairman IJF Medical Commission, Medical Director and Team Physician, USA Judo, 2016 Rio Olympic Games – USA Judo Team Physician and ITO International Judo Federation, 2012 London Olympic Games – USA Olympic Delegation Physician, Director of Sports Medicine Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Pediatric, Adolescent and Adult Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery

"I highly recommend Domenic J. Pompile without reservation and entrust in him with all my patients from my professional athletes, weekend warriors, post operative patients and non operative patients. His sound understanding of biomechanics, kinesiology, human movement and anatomy and physiology establish him as an expert in the field of physical therapy and sports medicine. His professional demeanor, attention to detail along with his compassion and personality are additional traits that Domenic embodies."


- Dr. Jim Bradley, 

Burke and Bradley Orthopedics, Head Team Physician Pittsburgh Steelers

"As a physician, I am impressed with Domenic's knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics. He was able to individualize my therapy for maximum results. I no longer have any shoulder pain and am able to participate in all activities. I also appreciate Domenic's warm and caring manner. He truly is interested in his clients. I recommend Vado Therapy without any reservation."


- Dr. Joshua Bailin

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