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Meet Mercedes Garcia

// Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine


Mercedes Garcia

Pilates Instructor

Mercedes Garcia joins the Vado team with over 15 years of experience. She has spent the majority of her life participating in the health and fitness community. 


It all began in middle school when she started playing volleyball and being on dance team in high school. She discovered a passion for moving her body. 


Mercedes dedicates many hours of her life to learning and teaching Pilates to clients from all ages and walks of life. Each person she works with is unique in their own way. She is an expert in tailoring a specific training regiment and style that specifically targets her client’s needs. 


Mercedes continually assesses any issues and enables clients to reach the goals they are working towards achieving. By using pilates as her vehicle, she is able to help clients towards life-changing results that go far beyond just physical fitness. 


Make an appointment today to be stronger, and condition your body to be mobile, agile, and improve your health!

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